♫ Laura’s radio guest – Ex Hindu freed from evil New Age spirits.

Check this interview with Laura Maxwell and her host, ex Hindu delivered from demons by Jesus Christ.

Our Spiritual Quest

Part One of my interview with Amrit was recorded on International Yoga Day, 21 June 2016. Amrit was born and raised in India.

Like countless others when trying to give up meditation and other new age practises, Amrit was attacked by entities of those practises.

Those evil spirits would blackmail him, rape and torment him. They warned him not to renounce yoga and meditation.

Amrit hoped to gain relief from various religions including Hinduism and Budhism. He also sought help from witchdoctors and Islamic Mosques. Sadly, those spiritual forces wouldn’t leave him and this demonic torment continued

The spirits cursed him with health problems. Constant attacks and even rape brought him to the brink of suicide. It was then that he prayed in sheer desperation, “Who is the true God? Please help me, I want to die!”

Amrit’s story is an eyeopener and one that I’ve heard countless times over the past 20 years! His is NOT a unique story but you won’t hear…

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Rev. David Wilkerson – When Jesus Shuts The Door

A very sobering message about Christians living in sin. We have to strive to enter through straight gate, it is not enough to believe in Jesus, we have to be changed by the Holy Spirit, fight the sin and the devil every day and live in holiness. This is great teaching without compromise by pastor David Wilkerson. Why we do not hear it in churches nowadays?

Why do not we hear about fasting or Sabbath devoted to God ( The Holy Spirit showed me a few years ago, that we are to respect the Sabbath ( which is one day a week devoted to God altogether ) and having rest after 6 days of work. We are to become more and more holy with the help of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit in us.