exposing the enemy

After being delivered from demonic torment and being trained by the Lord and other Christians, after learning by my own experience how horrible torment demons inflict on people, who are not aware of what is going on with them,  I am going to expose the enemy. The bible is full of information about demons and the devil, Lord Jesus warns again and again to beware, to escape the snare of the devil and to cast demons out of people. He even said that deliverance is childrens’ bread – meaning His children. Most people do not believe demons even exist, or Satan and I have troubles to share my knowledge with others so, maybe, if you, the reader experience demonic torment, you will find it useful and also you will get ready for the fierce times that are coming. Do not get deceived, Jesus is coming soon but before He comes, Satan will have his day, he has permission, He has to serve God to fulfill His purposes and the devil cannot do nothing without God Almighty letting him do so,

So do not be afraid, do not fear evil because “the Lord watches over you and He is the shade at your right hand” ( psalm 121) just make sure you are on the right, winning side.

If you are a born again Christian in love with the Lord Jesus, your Saviour, there is no need to fear, you have authority in the name of Jesus to cast out demons and walk on the narrow path oJesus Christ on the crossf  holiness.


If you are not a Christian, I plead with you, cry to God to save you, repent from your sins and seek the Lord with all your heart, He will reveal Himself to you if you are sincere.

We need to get ready and be well prepared, pray, fast, read the Bible, watch and observe the times, Jesus Christ is Lord and He is coming back.

Check this video about demonic magicians, this is truly crazy but if you have the Holy Spirit, discernment and knowledge from reading the bible, you will not be deceived by demonic people. Watch this video and be wise as serpents and innocent as a dove.

If you have time, open your own blog and spread the news, we have to fight this battle by exposing the devil and his demons.

This is a great testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior.


A former Spiritualist talks about his very interesting journey into spiritual awakening of God And Christ and how it was revealed to him his Spirit guides were actually not benevolent forces but demonic forces pretending to be good in order to deceive him and lead him into self empowerment and spiritual self worship. Spirit guides are demonic spirits posing as wise and loving entities in order to control and deceive innocent and naive spiritual seekers.

                                 ALL YOGA IS DEMONIC, RUN AWAY FROM IT!








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