If you dont believe people are born in sin and are evil, watch this. Horrific stories of child abuse. Hell is waiting for the abusers.

If you see or witness child abuse do something, do not stay indifferent. God loves children so much. This video was done in 2012,  can you imagine how much such violence has increased among people as fewer of them love and know God? People have evil in them because of sin. Drug addiction, alcohol, demonic possession and oppression, anger issues, these are various means that satan and his demons use to influence people to kill and destroy what God created. The punishment for the wicked is awaiting, God will judge them horribly for doing such horrific acts.

Beware of false teachers.

People, do not follow false teachers, do not follow false churches, do not follow any man but Jesus alone, His word, the bible. Do not chase and look for miracles and wonders because we live in the very wicked age of deception, Jesus called people who seek wonders and miracles, a wicked generation. Do not be duped and deceived by all those faith healers, people who heal others instantly in the street, people who never preach the gospel of Christ, the bible, do not talk about love, forgiveness and doing good works, feeding the poor, helping the orhpans etc. There is now a huge amount of so called miralce workers who deceive masses and people follow them like sheep for the salughter. Poor Christians get demons deceiving them and leading them astray, far away from the real God of the bible. Be very careful. One of theses deceivers is

Torben Sondergaard from last reformation so called. He may have started well, got saved and followed Jesus but he as well, like many others got deceived and now is leading thousands for destruction. I have been watching him for some time and I checked carefully what he is doing, and I am horrified. He has nothing in common with real Christianity and the bible. Look at this demonic video and many others when he forces people to speak in demonic tounges. It is totally disgusting, this is not from God and he will pay for destrying God’s people. It is utterly shameful. I hope he will wake up one day but he is so deep into believing that he is doing the right thing, that it would be very hard. Run away from people like this. Jesus predicted that these things will be happening, false signs and wonders. There is much to say about it but I have no time now, I just warn you, do not follow him and others doing similar things. This is extremely serious, people get very powerful demons from all those false teachers and they have troubles to get rid of them, terrible troubles with false beliefs and often even physical attacks, destruction, sickness, demonic torments. It makes me really angry that people like Torben, Todd White, Heidi Baker, Benny Hinn and many others destroy naive people who are seeking the true God.




In no way this is the Holy Spirit, this man is transferring demons into people using false demonic tongue, this is mockery of Christian baptism and it has nothing in common with God of the bible, the truth baptism in Christ, what a shameful thing to do. God will not be mocked, He is watching this wickedness. Look at the small boy at the end of the video below, he is forced to receive a demon of false tongues and how a demon from Torben is entering that boy, what a shame, what a tragedy.  Totally disgusting.


1 Timothy 4J.B. Phillips New Testament 

Beware of false teachers: warn your people

1-2 God’s Spirit specifically tells us that in later days there will be men who abandon the true faith and allow themselves to be spiritually seduced by teachings of the devil, teachings given by men who are lying hypocrites, whose consciences are as dead as seared flesh.

THAT MAN AND HIS MINISTRY NEVER TEACHES AND PREACHES THE BIBLE, THEY TEACH FALSE MIRACLES, FALSE HEALING, FALSE BAPTISM AND FALSE SPEAKING IN TONGUES. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. FOLLOW THE BIBLE AND THE TRUE AND ONLY GOD JEHOVAH, THE GREAT I AM, THE GOD OF ISRAEL, ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB AND HIS ONLY BELOVED SON, JESUS CHRIST, all people who believe in Jesus, receive the Holy Spirit, He cannot be forced into somebody and He cannot be told to be more and more and more, this is blasphemy and heresy. Wherever you see people giving commands to the Holy Spirit, like more, more, more, run away as fast as you can. Holy Spirit is God, He is the Third person of the Trinity, the bible speaks about Him as He and He is the Spirit of the living God, He will not serve humans and do theirs commands, it is horrific to think so. Christians who repent, are led and taught by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, what Torben is doing is a mockery of Christianity. I am sure many tried to rebuke him and tell him to stop but he will not believe them as he is himself deceived. It’s a drama.


I plead with you, ask God to give you discernment and protect you from all kinds of deception in churches. Find a good, old style, traditional, biblical church who teaches the real gospel and true God AND STAY IN THE BIBLE DAILY, THE BIBLE IS OUR ONLY SECURITY AND THE LIFE BELT.

Seven FALSE Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Cult!

I used to belong to catholic church, even after I was saved as I did not know any other churches. In that catholic church I was never taught or encouraged to read the bible, so I had no idea about many, many things that God said in His Holy Book. I had no idea that Jesus Christ was coming back, ever, nobody ever mentioned it in the church. I did not know that witchcraft, fortune telling, tarot cards, talking to the dead was totally forbidden by God Almighty. I did not know that homosexuality was even mentioned in the bible, etc, etc. When the Lord called me back after many years, He made me fall in love with His word, so now, I know so much more of who God is and what He expects from us. My heart is broken about my parents, who are catholic and believe in purgatory, in Mary as a goddess, if you pray to somebody and kneel before him, you worship him, no matter how much you deny it. They worship and pray to the dead pope, to so called saints, dead, human beings while God forbids talking to the dead and He abhors it. If you are catholic, watch this video and think about it. You cannot make your own God and worship him, it will send you to hell. The only God that is true, is in the bible and if you read the bible diligently, you will understand that He is very different from the one showed in the Catholic church. I want to ask you, if you being a father, would send your children to purgatory to burn in fire for thousands years to get them ready to heaven? Do you think this is what the loving father would do? How ridiculous this idea is, never mentioned in the bible, never mentioned by Jesus. I think, most Catholics never even think about it, they just follow that false, crazy teachings. It must be horrifying for them, the time before death if they think they are going to be in flames for who knows how long, and they have to depend on family members to pray for them, to pay for the masses when they are dead, so they can be released from the flames faster. How cruel and shocking this idea is?

I pray that the Lord Jesus will have mercy on all Catholics and will shed His light of truth on them, so they can escape the trap set up by the devil, to worship false gods, the pope and dead people. I thank God in heaven, my wonderful Father that He called me out of darkness into His marvelous light of His truth and the love of Christ, who died for me so I know where I am going and I know I am not going to be burning in fire to be cleansed from my sins, because it is the Lord Jesus that died for my sins and it is His blood that cleanses me from all of them, so I can be called a friend of God because I believe what He says.

The Lord Jesus Christ can set you free from demonic mental ilnness


I have started researching schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and other so called mental illnesses last night, and I am astonished how many young people suffer from this torment, their lives are getting destroyed day by day.

I have checked statistic of mental illness in young people in UK and this is truly shocking what is going on. The statistics are alarming, the more people are forsaking Christian God, Jesus Christ, the more mental problems appear. And it is only going to get worse, as parents do not teach children about God, children are taught by satanic video games or tv programs. Those people are in torment every day, they rely on tablets, psychiatrists and other people to help them, but for some reason they never get any better or never mention God Almighty, like nobody ever told them about salvation and the greatest doctor and healer that exists for ever. I am heart broken over these young people as I know for a fact that these illnesses are pure demonic, everything they describe, all experiences, hallucinations are demonic, in fact, they are not hallucinations but the people really see demons, however they deny it and do not want to admit demons exists. Those evil wicked spirits torment the people as much as they want as people live in sin, they walk in darkness, no matter how nice and kind they seem to be,they walk in darkness. Strange, how one of the boys speaks about genes and how schizophrenia is brought by genes, in reality, this is a generational curse that opens the door to demonic beings, demons are tormentors and executors of God’s law. If people break God’s law, they get demons tormenting them, these could be their ancestors that did something evil and next generations get the curse, also drugs bring demons, watching horror  and crimes stories and so on. That boy spoke about a gene of schizophrenia which sounds like a gin, which is a demon in Islam. There is also a mention of a gin in the King James Bible. In one of the videos with the young lady, you can even see lots of orbs floating around and she does not even know the orbs are demons. It makes me really angry at the devil like he is just walking around and doing all these things to people because they are so stiff necked and do not want to believe in Jesus. Maybe nobody told them, who knows.

All nations are tormented by demons, the farther from  God Jehovah and Jesus Christ, the more cruel the torment. It is very cruel in Islamic or countries or India. Various religions try to cope with demons and get rid of them but only the Lord Jesus can set these people free and THEY CAN BE SET FREE and live normal, happy lives walking with Jesus, who is the most beautiful healer and God we could imagine.

I want to stress that ALL SYMPTOMS of the people in the videos are purely demonic, they do see demons, they do hear demons, they do get thoughts injected by demons, and demons can do lots of supernatural crazy stuff, including showing your contorted face in a clown mask in the mirror.

Mental problems are also connected with forsaking God, or hating God, check the book of Deuteronomy. So, if your ancestors hated God or did something really bad, like worshiping the devil or other deities that are just demons, witchcraft and so on, it is very much possible that there is schizophrenia in your family line. This is serious business, there is no joking with God Almighty, so take it to heart. I have also unbelieving schizophrenics in my family line, and I myself escaped that terrible torment only thanks to the Lord Jesus, and the mercy of the Father who granted me repentance and deliverance from wicked spirits. My grandfather on my mum’s side was a very wicked person who brought total misery to family and he died hating God. It bothers me really badly when I see all these young people who have to suffer so badly, not knowing that they are tormented by the devil and his evil army of demons, who hate us viciously and will do all things possible to destroy our lives. These people do not know that there is also somebody loving them with amazing love, who died for them to set them free from works of the devil and who is waiting at the door, to come in and give them freedom.

I know many people, even Christians do not believe what I just said, but if they do not believe it means they do not believe Jesus and the bible, because what He did when He was walking on this earth, was casting demons out, healing the sick and preaching the good news of the gospel and we, His followers are called to do the same, He never healed mental illness, he did cast out demons from people who were tormented.

All destruction in our lives is from the devil, if we sin and follow the devil, we get torment and destruction, so God said clearly:

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Joshua 24:15

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

Acts 10:38 KJV

If you have anybody in your family or your friends who suffer from something like this, please sent them here, so they can read and think, I will be very happy to help them.


So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and thetruth will set you free.”

John 8:32




This young man describes an evil entity in his room when he was a child but he still does not believe it was a demon.