Deliverance from evil.

I recommend checking this page to see a few deliverances from evil, the specific one which starts with letter v. It is very interesting to watch and see what the Lord Jesus can do to set us free, especially when we are deceived into believing a lie and after that repent.


Va….nes should be stopped now!

Listen to this doctor and beware what they are trying to do to you. This is not from God. There are hundreds if not thousands of doctors and nurses trying to warn people, but they are censored. Check and research all information about the jxb. Do not give them to your children. May God give us strength to stand in this dark days.

The economy of love, Peter Whiffin

In memory of my dear friend Peter Whiffin, I would like to share his teaching about Christian love and how he has learned to love people in obedience to Christ, having been himself through lots of hard times in his life. Peter was a deliverance minister and a loving man with great love for people, patience and wisdom. He did great job translating all names found in the bible into their original meanings which helped understand the word of God even more. Peter was helping me to help people in need of deliverance, he also prayed for me several times in the past. We used to be in the same team praying for other people. With great shock and sadness I learnt last Sunday that he suddenly passed away a few hours before into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will miss Peter greatly here on this earth. I am very grateful that the Lord lead me to meet Peter over 10 years ago and have him in my life. He was always patient, always ready to help, always encouraging, always caring. His stories may help you and others to get some more fire of God’s love and the Holy Spirit into your hearts.

The injection of death.

Two doctors died in Poland shortly after getting the vaccine, 50 people died altogether last weeks, 143 people died in UK up till 24 of January, thousands of cases of serious side effects, this is happening all over the world. Many cases are not reported.

Unfortunately, the video was removed by youtube which is censoring all the information revealing the hidden and nasty truth. Please, make research yourself about the vaccine.

COVID Vaccine Deaths Increase: 55 In US, 29 In Norway, Hundreds Of “Life Threatening” Reactions

Scientists and concerned citizens are calling for the suspension of the COVID vaccine, which uses experimental mRNA method, after a shocking number of deaths and irreversible reactions have occurred.

In the US, the fatality rate is at 55.

Most people do not realize what is going on. Wake up and help to wake up others.

We are being bombarded now with the messages about the wonderful and safe vaccines coming to most countries all over the world. Please make research about the vaccine which is now being forced upon people. All media in different countries are telling lies that the new vaccine against the new virus is safe and everyone can get it and will get it for free. They are preparing people to be separated from those who took the vaccine and those who do not want to submit. They are preparing vaccination card and those who are not vaccinated will be denied normal life as we normally know it. Please watch the videos with this brave woman who has been badly persecuted for speaking against the corruption and lies of vaccines producers, find more information and research as much as you can to learn if you are going to be truly safe and healthy after you take it. This is not right to lie to people to get them all vaccinated globally. We know who rules this wicked world and tries to destroy humanity. Please pray and ask the Lord to show you the truth and if you still believe that it is ok to be vaccinated watch the videos below. Share with others who do not understand what is going on around us and pray that the Lord exposes this insanity.

May God have mercy on all of us.

It’s time to fight for freedom.

We have a God given right to breath freely and no one can infringe it by forced vaccination, putting facemasks on us or locking us up in our own homes because of false pandemic. To destroy our businesses and kill our older family members. To suppress the medication which treats the sickness caused by the so called virus, is very cheap and accessible. Americans doctors spoke about it in public. The world governments have no rights to inject in us poison and make us sick on purpose. There is so much deception going on. Wake up people. We are being deceived. It’s time to stand up and fight for our freedom. To pray that God will expose those evil rulers and hold them responsible for destroying our lives, freedom and bodies. Those who shut down churches and forbid us to meet and worship our God. Those who are trying to bring the New World Order and total destruction of everything we know, those who cannot wait to bring the Antichrist to rule this world. It’s time to be brave and fight against this evil. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings.

The Lord,your God is with you, the mighy Warrior who saves.

Zephaniah 3:17