Spirit of Suicide and Depression

Those of you who are being tormented by thoughts of killing yourselves and heavy depression, I would like to tell you that these are spirits, demons that want you to be destroyed and dragged to hell. God said, – Do not kill.

The job of all wicked spirits, so called demons is to kill, steal and destroy just like the Lord Jesus said. Those evil monsters, messengers of satan have no mercy on people, they hate us with vicious hatred and I felt many times their evil presence. If it was not for the Lord God Almighty who is protecting us, they would tear us to pieces, like Kind David said in one of his psalms. Do not be deceived, your healing is not in tablets and mental hospitals, your healing,  your deliverance and freedom from those demons are in the hands of the living God, the Lord Jesus died for us on the cross to save us from sin and destruction and to destroy the works of the devil. Cry to God, the Father to deliver you in the name of Jesus. Demons tremble when they hear His name. God gave you life to live and worship Him, to know Him and be with Him for ever not to die miserable, horrible death and to spend eternity in hell. Come to Him, plead with Him, He can hear you, He even knows your thoughts. I will repeat it again, suicide and depression are demons of destruction sent by satan to destroy you. I do not care what any doctor or psychiatrist think or knows. Most people have no clue about the mighty power of the living God, the truth of the bible and why Jesus died on the cross, most don’t believe, there is God or they belive in so called gods which in reality are demons. Do not forsake your hope, pray for salvation if you are not saved yet, but if you are saved and a Christian, you can still be tormented, there are several reasons and ways for demons to torment us. First of all, you MUST WALK IN HOLINESS. If there is sin in your life, especially heavy sin or you did something very sinful before salvation, or your parents did something evil, or grandparents, there are many ways for demons to torment even Christians. Beware. I was there and I know what that means to be tormented like this. Because of mercy of God, the cross of Jesus, I was delivered from those evil entities.

Fight for your life.

If you are truly struggling and would like to talk about it and pray, contact me please, I will help you.

I have been researching mental illness of various kinds, they treat people with suicidal thoughts and depression as mentally ill, but this is not sickness, this is a soul problem and a heart problem, and the devil always attacks people’s mind to get control over them. Please, try learning as much as you can, pray that God gives you love for the truth as this is the only way to be protected from false teaching and false, kundalini churches.

There are 30% of population affected with so called mental illness in one American city alone. That is a number form 2011. This is a growing problem and will become like epidemic because people are forsaking God and Satan is taking over. We are living in the end times, things are going to get worse, now even children, teenagers are more and more affected, nobody teaches them morality and respect, they watch porn on their mobiles and have access to all kinds of evil movies, games, witchcraft, anything they want. Nobody is teaching those kids about Jesus and the cross. Lost generation of lost young people.

May God have mercy on us all and wake up more and more people in every nation to stand up against the army of demons released into this earth.

Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kinds. Forever.