Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a well-known problem of war veterans or people who have been through severe trauma. I am positive that this is caused by demons and people can be set free by the Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, Satan uses fear to open up the door for his cohort. If a person is suddenly exposed to horrible fear because something traumatic just happened, that person is ready to be INVADED BY DEMONIC, EVIL SPIRITS. If you don’t know yet, demons attack and enter by gangs, it is not only one demon but all those who have evil assignment connected to that one – Fear, and to that event that just happened. So, let’s say a person witnesses a massive explosion and people, maybe their friends, are killed in front of their eyes, the first demon to enter will be fear, and then a chain of spirits such as paralyzing fear, terror, and check all the other synonyms for fear, next there will be anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, flashes of images of what just happened, then, there will be depression, hopelessness and so on. On top of it, with men like soldiers, there will come drinking, alcohol or drug addiction, smoking and all kinds of addictions. Now that person is fully ready to be tormented day and night, (spirit of nightmares, for example, will be added as well ). If that person has no Jesus Christ, is not a believer in the God of the Bible, he will be totally opened for destruction, and he will be destroyed step by step, his life will become miserable, spirits of suicide may come in as well. Various doctors and psychologist may try to help but the results will be momentary only and all the symptoms may come back easily, I believe.

If such a tormented person turns to Jesus, will give Him his/her life and will start praying, reading the bible and going to church, the chances are huge, they will be completely healed and delivered. It is absolutely possible. Deliverance may come as a result of the answered prayers or somebody else casting out demons and helping spiritually as a Christian counselor or just a helping and loving Christian brother or sister. Our God is mighty and merciful. He will become your deliverer and Savior, not only now but also for eternity. Come to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He died for you to deliver you from the hands of the devil, from the dark side to bring you into His marvellous Kingdom of Light and love.

This is what the Holy Spirit was urging me to do last several days, to write about this horrible problem as PTSD. I am not a doctor and do not have any other knowledge except what the Lord Jesus revealed to me during my 10 years of walking with Him.

If you know somebody who needs help like this, tell him about this blog. Tell him/ her to come to Jesus, the only Deliverer and Savior and lover of your soul.