Are you separated from unbelievers?

Many Christians do not take it seriously but I think it is a very serious command by the Lord Jesus to come out from among those who do not believe and refuse to follow Him. The devil will use all kind of opportunities to attack us by our unsaved family and friends.

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Fight the enemy with the truth of God’s Word. Paul Washer on Spiritual Warfare and Putting on the Armor of God

Freedom in Christ and freedom from the enemy is not achieved only by casting out demons, which in many cases is very much needed but a Christian has to be filled not only with the Holy Spirit but also with the truth and the light of God and His Word, to be able to stand against our powerful arch enemy, the devil himself. We are in constant war, day and night, we should never forget it as there are victims of this battle, who were not able to stand. We have to stay in the Word every day and as much as possible. If anyone tells you that the bible is not important, that it is only the Holy Spirit that matters, or only something else but not the bible, run away as fast as you can, because that will be a false gospel. The bible is our lifebelt. Make it your priority to stay in the bible every morning, first thing in the morning, shut yourself up with God and His word, this is your tower and power and love, and wisdom and your security, you and God alone in His Holy Book, this is when He speaks to you, teaches you and picks you up when you fall. I thank God for the bible every day, that He preserved it for us today and so many people died and were burned at the stake for translating the bible.

This is another, great message by brother Paul Washer.



I met recently  a man online who accuses Paul Washer of being a false teacher. I cannot stand false teachings, but what a fool one must be not to see Jesus in Him and the Holy Spirit working through him. What a fool one must be not to be able to discern who is from God and proclaim to be  a Christian. I love this man, I was brought up by the Holy Spirit on his preaching. Listen to him if you are a new Christian and do not have any idea yet who is false and who is not. No other man nowadays can preach like him. I don’t know one. When David Wilkerson died the Holy Spirit flooded me with  rivers of tears, even if I had never met him personally, but I know his voice for ever, heard hundreds of his sermons , cried tears of conviction so many times, what a beautiful man of God he was. When he died, the Holy Spirit said to me,’ he was one of the very few who truly preached the heart of God and there are only a few left, who are not afraid to speak the truth’. God took him from us as the world is getting darker and darker, we still have Paul Washer who preaches like no one else. I love this man. Thank you Father God for the Lord Jesus in him and the call you gave him to preach like this.