Conditions / Obstacles to deliverance

This is very good teaching on deliverance by Frank Hammond. Very important to know before you ask the Lord to deliver you.


2 thoughts on “Conditions / Obstacles to deliverance

  1. Juliet says:

    Hi Steve, sorry for late answer. You can contact pastor Joseph Jasinski from ministry in Canada, he also is doing deliverance on skype. There is lots of information and teachings on his website. additionally, there is lots of teachings by Derek Prince on youtube. If you want to get deliverance you need to know how it works and when you meet conditions to be delivered. The Lord Jesus will deliver you, as we know that deliverance is a miracle from the Lord Jesus Christ. In case you have trouble to contact a deliverance minister, you can also use mass deliverance by Win Worley on youtube or just go straight to the throne of God asking him for help, spend lots of time on reading the bible aloud, especially psalms and the gospel where it says about the blood of Jesus and victory of Jesus on the cross, defeating the enemy etc. Fasting is also a powerful weapon, demons hate it and they get weaker, praise and giving thanks to the Lord also works powerfully. When you are really repentant and humble the Lord may deliver you just when you read the bible aloud, just keep asking and praying for it. The Lord must be first in your life, try to be disciplined and read the bible every morning, devote much time to the Lord, to get to know Him better and better. He will reward you. God bless.


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