Our God is the God of power!

This is healing of a young woman from horrible back problems by the power of the Holy, Almighty God. We serve the God of miracles, who expresses His awesome power by deliverance from demons and healing  this sick, like the Lord Jesus did.

The churches do not teach it. They do not teach deliverance and healing. The churches only preach the gospel, every Sunday and for ever. I absolutely love the bible and the word of God, which is our lifebelt but there is so much more to do, that we should be doing.

The bible is absolutely of vital importance but the Lord Jesus said: follow me and do what I have been doing. He did not say, come and listen to the sermon every Sunday for 50 years and you will be good. We should be always learning and growing in the word of God but what about all the other mighty works of God? How many churches do healing or deliverance? It is beyond my understanding, who they do not do what Jesus said we should be doing. Is it that Christians do not believe the word of God? Is the God of today, somebody else than the God of 2000 years ago? So, why did he say – I do not change?  How many pastors devote their time to praying for the sick like this and casting out demons of tormented people? This man below, is such a pastor but there are very few of them, while people, even Christians are perishing in torment, the pastors just peach sermons on Sundays as if the word of God was a lie. As if our God had no power at all. Yes, I do believe in the power of prayer when we pray intercessory prayer but there is so much more when we believe in Jesus. I myself was miraculously healed at least a few times, just because I believe what the bible says and I believe my Jesus. Why so many doubt?

The pastor below,  he was a satanist, totally demonized and the Lord had mercy on Him, He saved the lost man so now he is preaching the gospel, casting demons out and healing the sick. Amazing miracles happen during his meetings, people are getting healed in front of others, even unbelievers get healed and this is how they come to Jesus for salvation by seeing the power of God.

I want to stress that the pastor is a very humble man. He does not take any money for this, He is devoted to serving the Lord Jesus.

The girl below had horrible problems with her back and hands, she was bound in bed for 3 years and was awaiting serious operation but she prayed to the Lord to heal her, she believed that He could do it. Her friends brought her on her wheelchair to this meeting and this is how she got healed. Amazing God! Amazing grace! Praise to Jesus, the Lord of lords!