Never Put Down Your Sword

Praise God for His Word preserved for us since it was written. For all the people who were murdered, burned at the stake to give us the Lord’s Word. Thank you Lord Jesus.

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream 10/01/2016 where I was in a room of what I will call a medieval castle. I was not a prisoner there. I just happened to be in a room. The room had a door to the outside and also windows. I remember it being pitch dark outside but the room in which I was standing had light. The source of the light was a very large sword that I was holding in my hands. I remember 2 demonic beings ourside who were demanding that I hand over the sword to them. I kept my sword pointed at them the whole time. When the demons saw that I was not going to give them the sword they said that they would be back with reinforcements.

In the next part of the dream there were more demons and I was no longer in the small room in theā€¦

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