And because there will be more and more lawlessness, most people’s love will grow cold. A vision

Very sad times.

My Dreams and Visions

As I was reading today in Matthew the 24th chapter, I saw the following vision. In the vision I saw a multitude of people with crosses in their hands. They were piling them them up like one would pile sticks in order to start a fire and then turning away and leaving. Each individual would place his/her cross upon the pile of abandoned crosses already there and turned around and left. Note that the word, “most”, is used here and not, “many”. It is the believer’s responsibility to keep his/her lamp filled. Remember, it says that the bridegroom came at night and only those who took extra oil in their lamps went in to be with Him. Night is used to indicate sin hence the lawlessness of which the Lord speaks of in Matthew 24, I believe, can be equated with darkness, i.e. spiritual darkness. The oil for the lamp…

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