The Truth about Roman Catholicism

The Truth about Roman Catholicism

I was born in a catholic family. I know this church and lots of Catholics, who painfully show no sign of regeneration and being born again in the spirit. I believe this church is a false church that keeps people in deception and leads them astray. Those whom the Lord Jesus visits and saves, will be drawn to love and read the word of God. After they read it and get supernatural understanding as their eyes will be opened, they will leave this church being unable to live in hypocrisy and among people who, in fact, do not know the Lord but instead have tradition of man, rituals, superstitions, falsehood, lies, contradiction with the word of God and religion. Catholic church is filled with millions of people who profess to be Christians but in reality they live like the sons of the devil, in sin and total falsehood. I know many of them, and I was one of them before I had the real encounter with the living God. This page is to warn people to seek Jesus with all their hearts by prayer and in His Holy Book, the bible.

I believe there are also people in Catholic church who are saved by the grace of God but being blinded by Catholic teaching and believing the church knows the best, they just stay in this church being ignorant of the full truth of who God is and the truth of the bible.

And if anybody wants to accuse me of hatred of Catholics, I state that I have no hatred to anybody but love and burden for the unsaved and those who are deceived. The bible, repentance and the Holy Spirit is your way to find salvation in Jesus Christ. Of course you may say, who are you to tell me what to believe? I am just a born again Christian who used to go to catholic church. That’s all.

And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.