I met recently  a man online who accuses Paul Washer of being a false teacher. I cannot stand false teachings, but what a fool one must be not to see Jesus in Him and the Holy Spirit working through him. What a fool one must be not to be able to discern who is from God and proclaim to be  a Christian. I love this man, I was brought up by the Holy Spirit on his preaching. Listen to him if you are a new Christian and do not have any idea yet who is false and who is not. No other man nowadays can preach like him. I don’t know one. When David Wilkerson died the Holy Spirit flooded me with  rivers of tears, even if I had never met him personally, but I know his voice for ever, heard hundreds of his sermons , cried tears of conviction so many times, what a beautiful man of God he was. When he died, the Holy Spirit said to me,’ he was one of the very few who truly preached the heart of God and there are only a few left, who are not afraid to speak the truth’. God took him from us as the world is getting darker and darker, we still have Paul Washer who preaches like no one else. I love this man. Thank you Father God for the Lord Jesus in him and the call you gave him to preach like this.



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