4 thoughts on “Islam is overtaking the world.

  1. BJ says:

    Per capita by nation the three countries where the church is growing the fastest are all Muslim countries. Former Muslims are coming to Christ in the tens of thousands as many well meaning people are disillusioned by the violent face shown by those who truly follow the Quran. The opportunity for evangelism among Muslims has never been greater and the West shutting their doors to those who are oh so ready to hear is nothing other than sin. The hatred and fear and bigotry motivating such things as Brexit and Trump is pure evil inspired by Satan himself. God has given us an opportunity as great as when Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe and we are squandering it.


    • Juliet says:

      I wish it was true. Where do you get the numbers? If this was reality, Muslim countries would be Christian by now. I don’t believe claims like this, Christians have always been minority and even Jesus said, that very few finds the narrow way. Besides, Brexit IS NOT about Islam and Muslims in Britain. Britain is a very good friend with muslim countries, they get lots of money from them. The Olympic village in London was just bought by Muslims. There is not even slightest mention that Britain wants to get rid of Muslims, even if the common people voted for it, contrary to what you say, they are very much welcome and they are overtaking whole cities in UK, not many becoming Christians but plotting how to destroy them. If God opens the door to witness to a Muslim, that’s great but it does not happen too often, at least in Western countries. So please give me the source of your information about tens of thousands of Muslims coming to Christ. In my long life I met only one Muslim who gave His life to Christ. Peace.


      • Juliet says:

        Yes, I have seen a few testimonies and I have seen how Muslims get saved through dreams and visions, but talking about tens of thousands is huge exaggeration, in most Muslim countries they cannot be Christians openly, so where do they hide in such huge numbers? Besides, I do not agree with you that God sends them all over the world so we can witness to them, they are rather being sent as judgement to ungodly, wicked people, who forsook the Lord, and they will be used when the time comes to destroy and kill as the king Nebuchadnezzar was used to destroy Jerusalem. Try to witness to them when they come to cut your head off or to steal, rape and kill, this what happens in places where so called refugees arrived, of course these is not the case with all of them and not all are like these, but many are, are they not taught by their master to kill infidels? However, when God opens the door to witness to Muslims, that is great to be able to do so but, I haven’t seen such an opportunity yet. In my life ( and it’s quite long) I have seen ONE Muslim man who became a Christian. Muslims are not interested in Christianity, at least those who live in Europe, I would worry more about former Christian countries as Christianity is declining rapidly and you can hardly find true, born again Christians there, churches are closing one by one, so the mission field should be back in Europe, Australia, etc, the young generation is mostly living without any faith and have no idea about Christian God. And this is truly shocking and worrying. In fact, you cannot do much witnessing to anybody if God will not open their hearts and Muslims seem to be especially hard.


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