Seven FALSE Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Cult!

I used to belong to catholic church, even after I was saved as I did not know any other churches. In that catholic church I was never taught or encouraged to read the bible, so I had no idea about many, many things that God said in His Holy Book. I had no idea that Jesus Christ was coming back, ever, nobody ever mentioned it in the church. I did not know that witchcraft, fortune telling, tarot cards, talking to the dead was totally forbidden by God Almighty. I did not know that homosexuality was even mentioned in the bible, etc, etc. When the Lord called me back after many years, He made me fall in love with His word, so now, I know so much more of who God is and what He expects from us. My heart is broken about my parents, who are catholic and believe in purgatory, in Mary as a goddess, if you pray to somebody and kneel before him, you worship him, no matter how much you deny it. They worship and pray to the dead pope, to so called saints, dead, human beings while God forbids talking to the dead and He abhors it. If you are catholic, watch this video and think about it. You cannot make your own God and worship him, it will send you to hell. The only God that is true, is in the bible and if you read the bible diligently, you will understand that He is very different from the one showed in the Catholic church. I want to ask you, if you being a father, would send your children to purgatory to burn in fire for thousands years to get them ready to heaven? Do you think this is what the loving father would do? How ridiculous this idea is, never mentioned in the bible, never mentioned by Jesus. I think, most Catholics never even think about it, they just follow that false, crazy teachings. It must be horrifying for them, the time before death if they think they are going to be in flames for who knows how long, and they have to depend on family members to pray for them, to pay for the masses when they are dead, so they can be released from the flames faster. How cruel and shocking this idea is?

I pray that the Lord Jesus will have mercy on all Catholics and will shed His light of truth on them, so they can escape the trap set up by the devil, to worship false gods, the pope and dead people. I thank God in heaven, my wonderful Father that He called me out of darkness into His marvelous light of His truth and the love of Christ, who died for me so I know where I am going and I know I am not going to be burning in fire to be cleansed from my sins, because it is the Lord Jesus that died for my sins and it is His blood that cleanses me from all of them, so I can be called a friend of God because I believe what He says.