The economy of love, Peter Whiffin

In memory of my dear friend Peter Whiffin, I would like to share his teaching about Christian love and how he has learned to love people in obedience to Christ, having been himself through lots of hard times in his life. Peter was a deliverance minister and a loving man with great love for people, patience and wisdom. He did great job translating all names found in the bible into their original meanings which helped understand the word of God even more. Peter was helping me to help people in need of deliverance, he also prayed for me several times in the past. We used to be in the same team praying for other people. With great shock and sadness I learnt last Sunday that he suddenly passed away a few hours before into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will miss Peter greatly here on this earth. I am very grateful that the Lord lead me to meet Peter over 10 years ago and have him in my life. He was always patient, always ready to help, always encouraging, always caring. His stories may help you and others to get some more fire of God’s love and the Holy Spirit into your hearts.


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