Psychiatric Drugs Are More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined

I sincerely warn you about taking medication to treat your mental problems. Your mental problems are spiritual, demonic, it is your soul that is sick not your mind.I am not a doctor but I know who delivered me from my problems without one pill. Draw close to Jesus, He is your healer and deliverer. If you are a Christian and suffer from depression and similar problems, spend lots of time with your God, in His word, worship Him and praise Him, praise Jesus Christ for salvation and ask Him to show you what is wrong with your soul.

He will show you. Maybe you need deliverance from evil spirits, depression is an evil spirit tormenting you, the same with anxiety, fear, panic attacks etc. Demons are executors of God’s law, if you violate this law, they have an open door to come and torment you. If you live in sin or if you do not trust God, they have right to torment you, if you have unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart and so on. We are to walk in holiness and have faith like a child, believe what God says and He says ‘do not fear I am with you, trust me.’ So do not lose hope, cry to your Father in heaven in the name of Jesus to help you and deliver you without any drugs. God is our healer and Jesus Christ died for us to set us free from all torments, from the hands of the devil. If only we obey Him and walk in His way, He will set us free. He is mighty to save.