Another Dream About The Dangers Of Deception

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream/night vision 06/20/2015. In the dream a saw a slow-moving river. The river was called deception and there is significance to the fact that it was slow-moving as deception is patient and slow-moving. I saw an open Bible and it was floating on this river and moving along with the current. The Bible is the Word of God and contains no deception.  In the dream I saw people standing on the Bible. You can stand on the Word of God. The river’s name as I said above was deception.  Just as the water that destroyed mankind in Noah’s day gave the ark buoyancy so the ark in my dream, the Word of God was floating . One thing about this river is that it looked like raw sewage. I saw a person jump off and, unlike the Word of God,  didn’t float but sank. People can usually…

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