The Power of the Cross

My Dreams and Visions

I had a night vision as I lay in bed 03/07/2014. In the vision I saw a group of believers gathered in a circle holding hands. In the middle of the circle was the Cross of Christ. It was dazzling white in appearance. I saw power emanating from the cross in the form of small lightning bolts and the bolts were striking the people in the circle in their foreheads. They were receiving power from the cross. What I noticed in the dream as well was there was darkness all around save for the light coming from the cross that was illuminating the circle where the believers were gathered. The cross was the central thing that they seemed to be gathered around.

It is no coincidence that before I fell asleep that I was reading the following scriptures:

For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach theā€¦

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