Can Christians remarry?

This is a very strong warning and confirmation of what I myself was shown by the Holy Spirit. The words of Jesus in the bible are very clear about it and we should not change what God says is right. Marriage is for life and if we get divorced we are not to remarry. God hates divorce and He will lead Christians to forgive one another and keep the marriage covenant. The Holy Spirit will not lead people of God to get divorced and remarry. This is a serious and difficult problem but prayer and calling to God for help should be done instead of shattering marriages, children’s lives and bringing huge drama for all involved. God never said, that we are to stay together only when things are lovely and sweet but for good and for bad. Today the world is so different from the one even 50 years ago, that people do not even know what it means to sacrifice and to be loyal. May God have mercy on all of us.

I am not sure why king David and many others in the old testament had hundreds of wives and concubines, why God never chastised David for it but one day we will know all things, when we get to heaven to be with the Lord for ever, He will tell us why.


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